Where Can I Buy Custom Base Trim?

Where Can I Buy Custom Base Trim?The interior design of some American homes may lack crown moulding, chair rail, or other styles of fine architectural woodwork, but you would be hard pressed to find a contemporary home without base trim. That’s because it serves both a decorative and practical purpose. Also called base moulding, base trim covers the gap between walls and the floor to give a room a finished appearance. Base trim also protects wall from being damaged by repeated contact from shoes, brooms, and vacuum cleaners.

When builders and interior designers want to add extra design interest to their projects, they opt for custom base moulding. Because base moulding runs the perimeter of a room, it’s a perfect moulding style to customize to achieve extraordinary visual impact.

Craftsman-Quality Mouldings

Classic Mouldings offers custom moulding of outstanding quality and design. Our talented craftsmen have years of experience creating architectural woodwork in range of styles and wood species. At Classic Mouldings, ordering base trim in the design and wood species you want is easy. Sketch your design idea and send it to us. We will waste no time in turning your design vision into a lovely reality. Whether you need finely sculpted mid-height baseboards or stepped baseboards, your order:

  • Will be in ready-to-install condition from the moment it leaves our facility
  • Will be shipped straight to your project site for your convenience    
  • Can be painted or stained so that you can perfectly match the look and feel of your design aesthetic

We also offer a comprehensive catalog of design options if you prefer a tried-and-true profile. And, as is the case for our custom orders, any moulding you choose from our catalog can be ordered in the paint- and stain-grade lumber of your choice.

For information about our base trim, or to learn more about our custom design service, contact Classic Mouldings today.