Is Baseboard Moulding Necessary?

Is Baseboard Moulding Necessary?If you’re embarking on an interior design project and wondering if you can save money by going without baseboard moulding, it would be helpful to understand its purpose. Baseboards serve both decorative and practical functions in a room. If you want to create a tight-fitting joint between the drywall and the floor, then baseboards are the way to go. They cover unsightly gaps between the wall and the floor and give a room a finished appearance. But beyond looks, baseboards protect the bottom of the drywall from damage. Repeated scuffing from shoes, furniture, vacuum cleaners, and brooms can damage your drywall over time, and badly scuffed or damaged drywall never looks good.

When choosing baseboards for your project, you’ll definitely want to take into consideration your project’s overall aesthetic because there are so many different styles of base moulding to choose from, and some styles may be quite unsuitable for your project. One common suggestion when deciding on a baseboard style is to stick with a tried-and-true profile, one that has been used for many years, in other words, a profile that leans toward the simple or classic. There are, however, a diverse number of other styles that can lend a wonderful design flair to rooms, such as rounded or stepped baseboards, flat baseboard moulding, and sculpted mid-height baseboard trim, to name a few.

Classic Mouldings – A Style Leader 

At Classic Mouldings, our team of dedicated craftsmen have decades of experience creating architectural millwork of impeccable quality and design. In addition to baseboards, we offer moulding products such as wainscoting, stair rails, chair rails, door and window casing, and crown moulding, and they are all available in a huge variety of design profiles. Choosing Classic Mouldings means you’ll have options. You can browse our extensive catalog of design options, or if you prefer, you can take advantage of our custom design service by sending us a sketch of your design idea for our craftsmen to create. And, every product we make, whether its baseboard moulding or wood paneling, can be painted or stained so that you can apply a finish that perfectly complements the look of your project.

For more information about all the splendid baseboard options we offer, or to place an order, contact Classic Mouldings today.