Custom Woodworking by Experienced Craftsmen Made In-House Near Atlanta, GA

Custom Woodworking Atlanta GA

If you have a custom woodworking request, Classic Mouldings is the company you can count on for prompt service and quality workmanship. Based just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, our woodworkers have years of experience creating beautiful moulding profiles and other wood products suitable for interior designs and remodeling projects. Whether you’re redecorating a hotel or restoring a historic home, Classic Mouldings can accommodate your special woodworking requests to give your project the finishing touches it requires.

Our custom woodworking services go beyond the many standard options available in our catalog so that you can have the truly one-of-a-kind millwork you envisioned or perfectly match an existing wood profile that can’t be found in a catalog. Our craftsmen use advanced techniques to create custom millwork that meets your specifications. When we complete your woodworking request, our techniques may include:

  • Gang ripping
  • Moulding
  • Resawing
  • Gluing
  • Sanding

At our facility based outside of Atlanta, GA, our craftsmen apply these techniques to the wood species of your choice. We offer our custom woodworking in a number of hardwood and softwood options, including both paint-grade and stain-grade wood. Whether you want cherry, red oak, sapele, or any other of our wood species for your remodeling project, we can create it for you and ship it to your project site anywhere in the nation. We’ll give your request the attention it deserves to manufacture high quality millwork and have it promptly delivered to you.

If you’d like more information about our custom woodworking services or already have a design in mind, contact Classic Mouldings today. We can ship our products to Atlanta, GA, or anywhere else across the nation.