Is Window Casing Necessary?

Is Window Casing Necessary?If you want your building or renovation project to have a finished look, interior window casing is highly recommended. When attractively designed and well-proportioned, window casing can enrich the overall aesthetic of a room. But beyond the stateliness and elegance that window casings can provide, they also serve to conceal any gaps between the wall and the window. Plus, window casing helps to keep windows structurally sound and the elements out. It’s no surprise then that windows trimmed with casing tend to be more thermally efficient than windows that lack trim.

Window casing also adds value to projects. Imagine how rough and unfinished a restaurant or a historic home would appear without window casing of any kind. Beyond a boost in property value, finely crafted window casing also suggests a certain legitimacy and a distinct sense of class.

Professional Millwork Creators at Your Service      

Classic Mouldings offers window casing for residential and commercial projects of all scopes and sizes. Partnering with us for your interior design project means you will have an abundance of casing options. For instance, if you need casing in oak, we’ve got you covered. Or, if you need casing in a classic design to match your project’s clean lines, we can fulfill that need as well. Furthermore, we:

  • Will provide you with a catalog of design options for window casing, or for any wood trim you need
  • Accommodate custom designs to help you create a unique interior design
  • Provide rapid turnarounds to help you avoid any costly delay
  • Ship all orders, whether it’s one window casing or several, directly to your project site

And, for even more convenience, when your order arrives, it will be ready for installation. Also, we make all of our moulding products with lumber that can be painted or stained as a perfect complement to your overall interior design.

To learn more about the impeccably crafted window casing we offer, contact Classic Mouldings today.