Is Base Moulding Necessary?

Is Base Moulding Necessary?Base moulding is the material, usually made of wood, that covers the lowest part of an interior wall. Its purpose is to conceal the gap between the wall and the floor. Left exposed, this gap may look less than attractive. Simply put, then, base moulding is necessary if you plan to give your room a finished appearance. But beyond aesthetics, base mouldings, also known as baseboards, protect the bottom of the drywall from being damaged, and provide a stopping point for dirt. They also protect the wall paint from being scuffed by shoes or furniture.

If you’re looking for well-crafted baseboards for your interior design project, you can trust Classic Mouldings to have what you need. We are a team of dedicated craftsmen with decades of experience creating architectural millwork in a variety of types and styles. In addition to baseboards, we offer millwork such as wainscoting, wood paneling, stair rails, and fireplace mantels. Plus, all of our products are available in several paint- and stain-grade wood species, including maple, cypress, poplar, white oak, and cherry, to give you options that will suit your project’s aesthetic.

When you turn to us for baseboards, you can start by reviewing our huge catalog of moulding designs. There are so many options available that you’re sure to find one that will perfectly complement your project. However, if you prefer a one-of-a-kind design, you can sketch us your idea, and we can bring it to life. This will spare you the time and hassle of having to look elsewhere. To further save you time waiting to complete your project, we will process your moulding order as soon as it comes in and ship it directly to your project site.

Considering all the options and conveniences we offer, it’s no wonder that our base moulding can be found in a range of different projects, including:

  • Ballrooms
  • Historic buildings
  • Conference centers
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Fine restaurants
  • Banquet halls
  • Private residencies

Regardless of the type of project, or how many pieces are in your moulding order, when we ship it, your moulding will be in ready-to-install condition. For more information about our base moulding or other millwork, contact Classic Mouldings today.