Moulding Suitable for All Building Projects

Moulding Suitable for All Building ProjectsShopping at a big box store for a specific style of fine moulding can be a frustrating experience. Too often, the design choices are disappointingly limited, or if you do find the moulding product you need, they are available only in wood types that will detract from your project’s aesthetic. At Classic Mouldings, we can end your frustrations. We don’t just sell moulding products; we design and craft them ourselves. We offer such an extensive array of moulding styles and design options that we’re highly likely to have products that are perfectly suitable for your building project.

The craftsmen at Classic Mouldings take immense pride in producing profiles that range from simple and elegant to bold and elaborate. Our moulding can be found in restaurants, hotels, casinos, private homes, and office buildings, so whatever project you need to complete, you can count us to have the woodwork style you need. We offer a wide range of beautifully crafted moulding, including:

  • Wainscoting
  • Base moulding and baseboards
  • Panel moulding
  • Window and door trim
  • Cabinet and bar moulding
  • Crown moulding

What’s more, if you want to put a finishing touch on your project with something a little uncommon, we can create specialty pieces, such as handrails, countertops, and stair parts. You’ll be able to customize your selection by choosing from several different wood species – walnut, cherry, oak, cypress, and maple, to name but a few. Once you’ve selected the moulding you want, we’ll get to work immediately crafting your one-of-a-kind piece. Our products will be ready for installation from the moment they leave our facility and can be shipped straight to your project site.

If you’d like more information about all the types of moulding we offer, contact Classic Mouldings today.