Solid Wood Base Moulding for Builders and Designers in Charleston, SC

Base Moulding Charleston SC

If you’re looking for base moulding for your remodeling project in Charleston, South Carolina, look no further than Classic Mouldings. We are a manufacturer of a wide range of quality moulding products, including crown moulding, baseboards, chair rail, wainscoting, and more. With our extensive catalog and custom millwork services, we can produce the elements you need for any type of project, whether you are remodeling a mansion, restoring a historic building, or designing a restaurant interior.

At Classic Mouldings, we produce base moulding and all of its related components, including:

  • Shoe moulding
  • Base caps
  • Baseboards

Additionally, we can create crown moulding and other elements that match the look and feel of your base moulding. Classic Mouldings uses high-quality lumber to craft our base moulding and other products. You’ll be able to choose the look that best suits your project, with options that include the soft, subtle tones of maple, the warmth of cherry, and the rich color of dark walnut. No matter which wood species and profile you choose for your project in Charleston, SC, you can rely on our expert craftsmen to produce your moulding with careful attention to detail. Once we’ve completed your order, we’ll ship it directly to your project site, and it will be ready to be installed for your convenience.

For high-quality base moulding at competitive prices, Classic Mouldings is the manufacturer of choice. Contact us today to place an order or submit a custom design request for your project in Charleston, SC.