What is the Purpose of Window Casing?

What is the Purpose of Window Casing?Window casing is the type of moulding installed around window frames. In the interior of the house, window casings add a touch of elegance that gives a room a classy, finished appearance. But they offer more than a decorative function; they also hide unsightly gaps, like the gap between the side of the window frame and the wall. Together, a window casing’s parts – the sill, head casing, side jambs, and apron – serve to keep the window structurally sound and the elements out. For a cohesive look throughout the home, windows casings should match, although it’s not necessary that casings match in order to enrich a home’s aesthetics.

At Classic Mouldings, we craft window casings for commercial and residential projects throughout the country. In fact, we offer a bounty of additional moulding products. Want baseboards or wainscoting for your project? We’ve got you covered. How about crown moulding or fireplace mantels? We can take care of those for you as well. What’s more, every moulding product we create can be ordered in the design and wood species of your choice. From warm American cherry to rich walnut, we have the wood species that will allow you to achieve exactly the look and feel you want for your project. Partnering with us for window casing also means that you can choose a design from our catalog or sketch your own design for us to create. You can also expect:

Outstanding Customer Service

We give every order immediate attention for a speedy turnaround that minimizes any downtime on your project.

Convenient Delivery

We can ship your window casing or any other product to your project site or wherever else you prefer, and when it arrives, it will be ready for installation.

Aesthetic Options

All of our lumber types are suitable for painting and staining so that you can apply the specific finishing touch that matches the look and feel you want for your interior design. 

From the day you place your moulding order to the day we deliver it, you can count on our exceptional customer service. We aim to impress, and want to be your go-to source for fine millwork. To learn more about our window casings, or any other moulding product, contact Classic Mouldings today.